What is counselling? 

Counselling involves the development of a relationship between you and a trained professional to focus on your concerns and difficulties. It is a process in which you have the opportunity to improve your understanding of yourself, including your patterns of thoughts, behaviours, feelings, and the way in which these may be problematic in your life. It will also provide you with opportunities to examine how to tap into existing resources or develop new ones to enhance your life and your relationships. Counselling is a collaborative effort involving you and your counsellor working together to identify goals and areas of opportunity.

What can I expect in session? 

A session is 50 minutes in length. If you haven’t already spoke to Jenny on the phone and discussed what issue you would like to address in counselling, Jenny will start by asking what is bringing you into counselling. Jenny will listen carefully and non-judgmentally, clarify your experiences and situation. Jenny will look for patterns in your feelings, thoughts, and behaviours, ask questions when needed, and co-facilitate the formulation of strategies for solving problems. It will go at your pace, based on how much information and/or feelings you are comfortable to share.                                    

What are your fees? 

Rates are based on the rate suggested by the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors.

$120 + GST - 50 minute Individual sessions. 

$125 + GST - 50 minute sessions with a family member or couple. 

Is everything I tell you confidential? 

Anything you talk about in a counselling session is kept in strict confidence unless you give written permission to share this information. There are a few exceptions:

1. If you tell your counsellor that you are going to harm yourself or someone else, your counsellor is required by law to do anything that he or she can to reasonably prevent this from happening.
2. Your counsellor is required by law to report any suspected or potential child abuse and/or neglect to the Ministry of Children and Family Development or to the Police.
3. If a vulnerable adult is abused or neglected a report may be filed with the appropriate governmental agency.
4. A subpoena by a court of law requiring disclosure from the counsellor and/or counselling records.

Is Counselling covered by my health care plan? 

Many health care plans offer extended coverage for counselling services offered by Registered Clinical Counsellors. It is important that you verify this first with your insurance company to ensure you will be reimbursed. Jenny is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC).  If your insurance covers RCC’s you will pay Jenny the fee after each session. Jenny will provide you with a receipt with all the information you will need to submit the receipt to your insurance company. You will then be reimbursed by your insurance company.